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Hon. Justice Kenneth Kakuru-tree planting initiative

About the Initiative

Established in tribute to the profound commitment of the Late Honorable Justice Kenneth Kakuru, this foundation embodies his unwavering passion for the environment and its diverse inhabitants. A devoted advocate for environmental rights, Justice Kakuru went on to establish the non-governmental organization GREENWATCH in 1995, a testament to his dedicated efforts in safeguarding our planet's well-being.

Honorable Justice Kakuru's Green Legacy

The Late Honorable Justice Kenneth Kakuru's profound passion for the environment radiated not only in his professional life but also in the very spaces he inhabited. From his serene country home in Mbarara Rwebushuri to the grounds of his school, Eden International School, his residence in Kampala, and his parents' home in Kyamugorani Kakiika Mbarara, his commitment to a greener world was evident.


With an unwavering dedication, he insisted on adorning these spaces with trees and flowers, transforming them into beautiful, vibrant havens that nurtured a healthy environment for all.

Even while courageously battling cancer, Justice Kakuru expressed a passionate desire to initiate a nationwide tree planting project. His vision aimed at breathing life back into areas affected by deforestation, a cause he spoke passionately about. Today, we stand united to transform his visionary dream into reality, rallying support from communities and organizations that share his dedication to environmental conservation.

The Kenneth Kakuru Afforestation and Reforestation Initiative embodies this vision. It is a comprehensive and impactful project specifically designed to promote afforestation and reforestation initiatives. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish sustainable forests, breathe new life into degraded lands, and amplify awareness regarding the critical importance of preserving and expanding forested areas.


Through strategic initiatives, we endeavor to create a harmonious balance between environmental conservation and community well-being, working towards a future where thriving forests contribute to the health and prosperity of our planet.

Our Objectives

  1. Enhance Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Establish new forests in degraded areas across Uganda, aiming to enhance biodiversity and maximize ecosystem services for the benefit of the environment and local communities.

  2. Improve Health and Functionality of Existing Forests: Restore the health and functionality of existing forests by implementing targeted interventions, ensuring their resilience and long-term sustainability.

  3. Community Engagement in Tree Planting and Restoration: Actively engage local communities in tree planting and forest restoration activities, fostering a sense of ownership and environmental responsibility among individuals and groups.

  4. Raise Awareness on Afforestation and Reforestation: Heighten awareness about the paramount importance of afforestation and reforestation efforts. Through educational campaigns and outreach, instill a broader understanding of the positive impacts these initiatives have on the environment.

  5. Forge Collaborative Partnerships for Project Success: Foster strategic partnerships with government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local stakeholders. By pooling resources, expertise, and support, we aim to ensure the overall success and sustained impact of the project.

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We're teaming up with local communities (schools, churches, and mosques), government agencies and environmental organizations such as Greenwatch.

Project Activities

  1. Site Assessment and Selection: Identify areas for afforestation/reforestation, assessing conditions and collaborating with communities for suitable sites.

  2. Seedling Production and Procurement: Ensure healthy native seedlings, either by establishing nurseries or sourcing from reliable places.

  3. Tree Planting and Restoration: Mobilize volunteers, adopting area-specific techniques. Monitor and maintain planted trees for optimal growth.

  4. Sustainable Forest Management: Develop plans for long-term conservation, control invasive species, and promote sustainable practices where applicable.

  5. Community Engagement and Awareness: Conduct educational campaigns, workshops, and events to encourage community participation and foster partnerships for environmental stewardship.

Tree sapling- the kenneth kakuru tree planting initiative
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